Free and almost no limits

Indeed, you truely read it correctly, you get a free website, no strings attached!

We are aware that a lot of providers for free sites offer a package that is quite limited, but at Oxygen, we try to offer websites at the best conditions, and this means a free website with almost unlimited possibilities.

What about the design?

  • unlimited templates available
  • if you require a specific theme, do not hesitate to contact us, we will add it, for you to use!
  • you like things changed just contact us and we will help you out

What about functionalities?

  • unlimited plugins, unlimited functionalities
  • also seo optimalisation possbilities
  • your desired plugin not there? ask us and we install it!

What about Visitors?

There is no limit in visitors you can attract tou your website, this is quite unique for free sites!

What do we get out of it?

  • Happy clients
  • advertising on the bottom of the site (under the footer)

What is to be payed?

In reality, we are not setting up this part of the site to get payed for the free sites, in contrary.

But of course if you insist that a premium theme has to be installed, or an expensive plugin, we ask payment.
Knowing that there are unlimited possibilities to get most themes and plugins for free, this would be not wise to do.
If you prefer payed plugins or played themes, it would be better to buy a site and host it on your own domain, it would be less expensive at the Adult Webdesign section.

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